We offer 3 systems of carpet cleaning:
Hot Water Extraction.
This tried and tested method is recommended for the deep cleaning and sanitising of your carpets to leave them in a fresh hygenic condition and will also help prolong carpet life. Hot water and cleaning agents are sprayed into your carpet pile at high pressure to loosen up soil and dirt while a powerful vacuum removes the hot water, and all the dirt and stains along with it. Drying time approx 3-4 hours.
Encapsulation Bonnet cleaning
This low-moisture, light maintenance cleaning method is a relatively inexpensive option and carpet drying times are reduced to approx 20 minutes, a great comprimise when the Hot Water Extraction method is not appropriate.
Dry Powder Extraction,
A slightly more expensive method, this light cleaning option is a useful system should carpets need to be kept totally dry leaving them ready for immediate use. This method can be used on it's own, or as part of a maintenance program.
All the above systems include our stain removal treatments service which we pride ourselves on consistently achieving impressive results .
We offer on and off site cleaning for all curtain and draperies.
A very popular option with our clients is our on site curtain cleaning service, not only is it the most cost effective option, but rooms and function suites are also ready for immediate use.
We also offer for heavily soiled curtains a full take down, clean and re-hang service.
We offer this service to leave your upholstery clean, hygenic and feeling like new again. From fabric wall panels to armchairs and cushions we can bring life back to your upholstery using our hot water extraction or, where necessary, dry cleaning methods.

At Carpet Presevation Serivces Ltd our technicians are both highly trained and boast a wealth of experience to bring our clients the very best results possible.